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Got a globe?  Then you can play a dinner table/global affairs inspiring game that my family invented years ago.  We call it Stump.  Here’s what we do. Go get your globe.  Then someone tries to stump someone else at the dinner table.  The person being stumped closes his or her eyes while the stumper chooses … Continue reading

Watch tonight: Weight of the Nation

There’s a 4 part film series debuting on HBO tonight called “Weight of the Nation.”  I intend to watch (yeah for being able to watch online!  I don’t have cable).  This film series highlights the major reasons why our nation — and increasingly our world — is suffering from alarming increases in rates of obesity. … Continue reading


Welcome to Tablemuse.  This space is dedicated to the daily shared meal and its profound impact on people’s physical and social health.  One of the timeless planks of human society is the shared meal.  I invite you to explore with me the issues that naturally arise in the context of the shared meal:  nutrition, sustainability … Continue reading