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The Power of Habits – Trade As One

There is power in the dinner table.  Since most of us buy rather than grow our food, there is a great deal of power in our food purchases.   Our lives are full and we want to make good decisions about the food we eat, and we give these decisions whatever time we have.  Decisions take … Continue reading

The Farm Bill and the Dinner Table

The senate is about to vote on the 2012 Farm Bill.  Why should you care?  What does this huge, complex piece of legislation have to do with the dinner table?  A lot.  The affordability, sustainability and quality of food for the American dinner table is at stake, and your government representatives need to hear from … Continue reading

Community Supported Agriculture – A Win-Win

I have subscribed to a local farm for several years.   This subscription is an agreement between me and a local farm.  It’s called Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA.  Each week the growers at a local organic farm (Full Belly Farm) pack a box with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables grown on their farm and deliver … Continue reading