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Meal Planning – a small miracle

Some of you were born organized – I wasn’t.   I’ve had to work hard to remain above the fray of chaos.  And one of the biggest ways I’ve improved my organization is with meal planning. My own journey with meal planning began in earnest about 15 years ago.  I love to cook, and my family … Continue reading

Four Questions

The subtitle of this blog is food + conversation + people = dinner.  I tend to focus on the food part, as that’s a strong interest of mine.  But I believe that the conversation part of the dinner is just as important.  Last night at dinner I was reminded of a simple practice that my … Continue reading

The Farm Bill and the Dinner Table

The senate is about to vote on the 2012 Farm Bill.  Why should you care?  What does this huge, complex piece of legislation have to do with the dinner table?  A lot.  The affordability, sustainability and quality of food for the American dinner table is at stake, and your government representatives need to hear from … Continue reading

Pantry Dinners

Sometimes life just happens – – you’re snowed in and can’t get to the store, or everyone is sick, or you’ve got too many commitments.  You still need to eat a good dinner.  A well stocked pantry can be just the thing to get a fast dinner on the table.  Remember the rule of three … Continue reading

Jacques Pepin and the dinner table

Jacques Pepin is one of my favorite celebrity chefs.  He knows food.  He’s worked just about every job in the restaurant industry, been on many TV cooking shows, was friends with the amazing Julie Childs, and has published numerous cook books.  But more importantly he loves to cook for his family.  When I watch Mr. … Continue reading

Meals are Social – Part Two

My first post to this blog was titled Meals are Social, and point number one in that post was to cook one meal.  In conversations I’ve had with several folks since, a common question to me was this:  “you say to cook one meal.  But my daughter is a vegetarian, the rest of my family … Continue reading