Posted in May 2012

NYC big gulp ban

I am delighted to hear about the proposed ban on large servings of sugary soda in NYC.  Public health folks are taking aim at what many in the field agree is an easy target: sugary soda. “There’s very strong scientific evidence that when people are served more they eat more, or in this case drink … Continue reading

The Weight of the Nation Parts One & Two

I watched with interest the first two parts of this important series.   Parts one and two asked  the questions: “What and Why?”  Answering “what” was pretty easy:  our nation is suffering an alarming rise in obesity – across the age, gender, and race spectrum.  It can rightly be called an epidemic.  There is little controversy … Continue reading

Watch tonight: Weight of the Nation

There’s a 4 part film series debuting on HBO tonight called “Weight of the Nation.”  I intend to watch (yeah for being able to watch online!  I don’t have cable).  This film series highlights the major reasons why our nation — and increasingly our world — is suffering from alarming increases in rates of obesity. … Continue reading

Eat a Rainbow

Rainbows are beautiful.  And they’re good to eat, too.  Nature has some great hints for what’s good for us.  When fruit tastes sweet and has a great fragrance, it’s at the peak of nutrition.  The fabulously deep green of kale and the rich orange of sweet potatoes are signs of full nutrition.  In general, the … Continue reading

Pantry Dinners

Sometimes life just happens – – you’re snowed in and can’t get to the store, or everyone is sick, or you’ve got too many commitments.  You still need to eat a good dinner.  A well stocked pantry can be just the thing to get a fast dinner on the table.  Remember the rule of three … Continue reading