Posted in April 2012

Jacques Pepin and the dinner table

Jacques Pepin is one of my favorite celebrity chefs.  He knows food.  He’s worked just about every job in the restaurant industry, been on many TV cooking shows, was friends with the amazing Julie Childs, and has published numerous cook books.  But more importantly he loves to cook for his family.  When I watch Mr. … Continue reading

Meals are Social – Part Two

My first post to this blog was titled Meals are Social, and point number one in that post was to cook one meal.  In conversations I’ve had with several folks since, a common question to me was this:  “you say to cook one meal.  But my daughter is a vegetarian, the rest of my family … Continue reading

Supermarket Strategies

Imagine the following scenario:  It’s 5:45 pm on Monday, you’re tired and hungry, and you just walked into the supermarket with your two young children.  They are tired and hungry.  You have an empty cart, vague plans for what to cook for dinner for the week, and 15 minutes before you have to be home. … Continue reading

Community Supported Agriculture – A Win-Win

I have subscribed to a local farm for several years.   This subscription is an agreement between me and a local farm.  It’s called Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA.  Each week the growers at a local organic farm (Full Belly Farm) pack a box with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables grown on their farm and deliver … Continue reading

Habits, not Diets

Diets don’t work.  Even though many people go on diets and lose weight, diets inevitably fail.  Why?  Because diets are temporary, not permanent.  They’re special, not normal.  A diet by definition is a temporary way of eating until we reach a goal, then we go off our diets.  We tend to treat diets like we … Continue reading

Meals are Social

Eating together is one of the most universal, timeless human activities.  The evening meal is a natural time to rest, share, talk, and replenish our bodies.  Dinnertime is sacred in my house.  Even if the meal is simple and we don’t have much time, sitting down to dinner is important to the daily rhythm of … Continue reading