The Power of Habits – Trade As One

There is power in the dinner table.  Since most of us buy rather than grow our food, there is a great deal of power in our food purchases.   Our lives are full and we want to make good decisions about the food we eat, and we give these decisions whatever time we have.  Decisions take … Continue reading


Meal Planning – a small miracle

Some of you were born organized – I wasn’t.   I’ve had to work hard to remain above the fray of chaos.  And one of the biggest ways I’ve improved my organization is with meal planning. My own journey with meal planning began in earnest about 15 years ago.  I love to cook, and my family … Continue reading

Harvard Food Plate

Sometimes it’s nice to have a fast, easy way to gauge how the nutritional profile of what’s on your plate stacks up with what the experts are saying.  Look no further.  Harvard School of Public Health is here to help. For perspective, below are three other visual food charts, all created by the USDA.  The … Continue reading

Breakfast Cereal Reality Check

Some breakfast cereals aren’t breakfast, they’re really dessert pretending to be breakfast.  Breakfast cereal can be a great choice for a quick meal, or it can be a nutritional disaster, or something in between.  And just reading the health claims on the front of the cereal box may not be very helpful.  Breakfast cereal is … Continue reading